With natural stone slabs coming in all shapes and sizes, it is very often the case that the slab you have fallen in love with may be slightly larger than what you need for your kitchen or bathroom project. Instead of changing your plan and settling for another, slightly smaller stone, think instead how you can incorporate the stone you adore in a unique way. After all, once you connect with your perfect stone, why not enjoy it further throughout your home? Read along to see a few of our favorite ways that you can give your beautiful new remnants life in another form.

Custom Dining Tables and Side Tables.

This homeowner found herself with plenty of her Onyx Emitis to spare and decided to utilize the remaining slabs from her kitchen to create a custom dining table, side table, and coffee table, transitioning the unique color scheme across different rooms.

Onyx Emitis Custom Dining Table


Onyx Emitis Custom Side Table and Coffee Table


Why not incorporate the extra marble from your kitchen countertops as additional storage? Shelving is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your remnants. Once the marble is cut to the appropriate size, it is easy to personalize and install.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Living

If you happened to use more than one type of natural stone throughout your house and find yourself with different remnants of all colors, incorporate them into a custom bookshelf in the likes of this one from Muller Van Severen. This tall bookshelf is not only stunning, but it will neatly tie in all of your projects from all over the house.



Cutting Boards.

Turn the smallest pieces of remnants into cutting boards or as elegant serving platters in your kitchen. Also, if you can create two or three cutting boards they will make great housewarming gifts.

Photographer and designer unknown


Work Space.

If you have plenty of stone left over from your project, fashion a stand-alone piece of furniture and create a work space. This blue bahia granite desk is comprised of only granite from the base to the table top.