Onyx is a rare and easily identifiable stone due to its bands of alternating colors from the inter-growths of the quartz and moganite. Onyx’s beauty is not only in its patterns but in the rich colors glows that emit when it is back lit. The warmth of the color has a calming and soothing effect. Each onyx is unique. For example, Aria’s Black Moon Onyx that arrived this week has a mysteriously sinister essence to it.

Onyx is predominantly used as a statement piece, light accent, or as a backsplash in bathrooms and kitchens. For example, Dick Clark + Associates full slab onyx entry door is a well-executed onyx implementation that highlights the inherent beauty of the stone.

Onyx is a strikingly dramatic stone that comes in pastel colors and swirling patterns. Aria’s current collection of onyx includes: