Can you change the surface finish of a slab?

Often people come in liking a stone, but not the finish. Finish on a stone is something that can be changed. At the quarry, they choose what kind of finish they would like on the slab, but it’s not your only option. Right now, honed material is extremely popular and slabs that are presented in a polished format can be transformed to a honed surface.  A skilled fabricator with a larger shop including up to date machineary will often have the ability to change material from a polished finish to a honed or vice versa as well as other textures such as brushed or leathered.

When dealing with finishes, there are usually a lot of questions. Whether honing causes more staining? Is the slab now weaker or more prone to chipping? Pinnacle Marble is one of the top fabricators in the DFW area. They walk us through the actual process of taking a polished slab into a honed slab, and also answer questions about the process.


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