The moment Aria Stone Gallery’s owner, Vinny Tavares, landed in Pisa, he knew this Italian trip would be different. Tavares was invited by Nicholas Borghini on a personal tour of the famous Calacatta Borghini quarry. The Borghini family has owned the quarry that bears their name for many years  and produces the most sought after Italian marble in the world. If stones were to be compared to cars, the Calacatta Borghini marble would be the Ferrari of marble.

The Borghini Quarry in the Carrara Region in Italy.

Production of Borghini marble is still very limited. For example, in quarries across the world, stone is typically sold per cubicle meter; however, the Borghini blocks are sold by the ton! This makes each pound of the beautiful white marble, with its famous soft golden background, highly valued in the marketplace.

The busy Borghini Quarry is one of the most exclusive and prestigious producers of marble in the world.

The Borghini quarry in the opulent Carrara Mountains overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The quarry consists of two main areas: the side of the mountain and the interior of the mountain. The side of the mountain is the more common extraction area, and the inside of the mountain is home to the most rare and prestigious Borghini marble.

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Outside looking in. The side of the Borghini Quarry in the Carrara Mountains.
The ceiling of the incredible Borghini Quarry in Carrara, Italy.


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