Green is one of the most sought after and most rare colors in the to occur in the earth. Green doesn’t occur as often, as some of the other colors in stone such as brown, white and tan. Green is a transitional color, although it might seem bold it is actually one of the easiest colors to compliment. Just think about a color that doesn’t go with green. The only one that jumps to mind is Red unless you are Santa Claus. **If Santa Claus is reading this, it will have made my day. Green stone is versatile and so calming on the eye.

Vinny, Owner of Aria, has found us just the most stunning green slabs. With colors ranging from turquoise to Deep Forest. Below there are some wonderful examples of green stone applications. How would you choose to use it?

Elegant Kitchen and Bath of Del Ray, created this traditional but airy kitchen. The white cabinets brighten the beauty of the Emerald Sea Quartzite countertops.

Emerald Sea Kitchen
Elegant Kitchen and Bath – Del Ray

The Italian have historically been known to be the highest authority on stone craftsmanship. Here is a wonderful example of a decorative custom fireplace. It has been had crafted from green marble in complemented by warm wood paneled rooms.


Italian Green Marble Hard-carved Fireplace




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