When shopping for a diamond, an expert will tell you about the 4 C’s ; color, clarity, cut and carat weight. This system helps you determine the worth of one of the most precious materials on earth. These categories are also comparable when determining the worth of a stone slab, although for stone it would be; color, clarity, country and centimeter.

To understand the worth of a slab you first look at color. In stone, color is created when different vitamins and minerals chemically react to one another. When certain minerals react you will see different colors reveal themselves in the slab. There are certain colors that don’t occur as frequently subsequently making them more rare and valuable. Blue and greens would top that list. Blues and greens are of the more rare color families especially when they show up with such vibrancy.

In a diamond, when they speak of clarity they are referring to fog that might appear in the stone. With a slab you are looking for clarity of pattern. The pattern in the stone is in the variation of color and material. What you want to look for is that there is a distinct continuous pattern through out the entire stone. While you are able to find these distinctive patterns you are also able to book match the stone which will create a consistent stone look across any space.


When you are picking out stone a large factor to consider is where the stone comes from. With each country there are different conservation and shipping laws, which will contribute to the factors of a stone being more rare purely for the fact that it is hard to get to. A stone from the US would be more readily available than one that might come from the middle east.

Centimeter is fairly self explanatory, in that it is the thickness and size of your piece of stone. There have been many questions about whether there is a difference in working with 2 or 3cm material. 2cm or 3cm make for the about the same durability in a stone application. They only time it will really take affect is when you are dealing with the weight of an overhang or potentially furniture.